Private Investigation Services: what they are and what they are made of

When you hear the words “investigation services” what usually comes to mind are men in long overcoat armed with binoculars or concealable cameras. This is because we see them all the time on TV shows such as Person of Interest and the infamous CSI and NCIS series. While you can say that those characters can indeed be categorized as being in the “investigative services” there are others who are also in the investigation service business who need not necessarily be hunting down hardened criminals. A person who does a background check and obtain public records about a job applicant or one who has applied for a loan can also be considered as being in the investigation services business. So is a person who is trying to find a person who has gone missing for a long time.

Equipment and personnel

A lot of times, companies running an investigation service are well-equipped with the latest technology for their operation. The sophisticated equipment that you see on TV shows such as CSI and NCIS are mostly what these investigation services also have. Because they are privately funded they can afford to buy the latest technology to allow them to carry out any investigation job they have lined up. In terms of personnel, investigation services agencies have the best, the so-called cream of the crop. Most of the investigators they have are retired police personnel who had been trained and have gained experience to do investigations while in the police force. These retired servicemen who enter the private investigation service are usually those who are passionate in what they do and have gained a lot of contacts making it easy for them to gain access to public records including public court records.

Investigators for personal jobs

public property recordsThere are several types of investigation services. The most common are those who work to dig personal information on people. These are the investigators you want to go to when you need to know if your spouse is cheating on you or if you want your son’s current girlfriend investigated to see if your son will be marrying the right girl. You can likewise hire these investigators to help you gather evidence for your divorce case or when you need to track down a deadbeat parent who has hightailed to another state to avoid paying child support.
There are also investigators who do due diligence investigations. These are the type of investigators that most companies hire to check on the background of potential candidates they are interviewing for a position.

Investigators for business affairs

There are also investigators who specialize in computer forensics that involves tracking computer activities of a person you want investigated. These are the type of investigators that companies hire when they are in doubt of someone’s activities within the company such as a partner. There are also private investigation service agencies whose specialization lies on corporate investigations and industrial espionage. These are investigators who are hired to discover trade secrets, which although considered to be an illegal activity, but is in reality common especially in big corporations.

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